Minor update to SFDCUtil (version 0.0.11)

This weekend I did some minor polishing and cleaned up my sfdcutil package.  My initial goal was to be able to query the salesforce.com trust site via the command line.  This would allow me to do some neat things like write a script to email me if any of the PODs went down or to print the overall status on my desktop background with Geektool.  So far this is working pretty well.

Install it from Ruby Gems or download the code from github.

At this point you can query the trust site for all PODs or a single POD.  Recently I was asked what else I’m planning for this command line utility so here are my thoughts.

  • Generalized Query functionality based on the awesome databasedotcom package
  • Ability to query and modify the standard object configurations
  • Ability to query and update non-object based configuration
  • Ability to compare multiple salesforce.com instances/sandboxes
  • Ability to do bulk import/export (I’ll probably get this for free with the databasecom package but I don’t know yet)
  • Ability to print out the POD stats

Let me know what you think would be useful for a package like this.

I don’t get paid for this package so show some love by staring the package on github or posting a comment.

John Rizzo

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